Hello, I’m Shawn Garzony

I’m here to help you experience having your pictures taken in a way that expresses your personality and makes you comfortable.

Because relationships are important to me, I jump in heart first while capturing photos of you, your little ones and your special occasions.

I strive to help you remember those candid, life style moments mixed right in to those big events.

Please let me know how I can help capture
those special stories in your life!

Here’s a little about the personality behind my camera:
Rainbow is my favorite color. Some of the worst days I’ve met have been cheered by seeing God’s promise soar across the sky.
My aunt in Ireland once told me, “Ye have hair like a sheep!”  With that memory to laugh at and love, I tend to get a little over-excited about seeing that one lone black sheep mixed in with the “normal” ones. I am thankful for days filled with family, chocolate and time spent drawing.

I live and work in Greenville, SC, So please limit requests to Greenville and surrounding areas.

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